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View topic - i am looking for an new anime series

i am looking for an new anime series

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i am looking for an new anime series

Postby ceo » Tue 10.08.2013 1:28 pm

i love the kind of shows like Death note and samurai shamploo, ( not series like beserk )
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Re: i am looking for an new anime series

Postby smart » Mon 10.14.2013 7:36 am

Death note! I love this anime ,I like the character of L
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Re: i am looking for an new anime series

Postby vividlion » Sun 01.05.2014 5:25 am


I've got a few suggestions for you here with a brief description on each of them for you.

Kill La Kill
This one is new to me but found it to be a little interest seeing as it's drama I'm still yet to get more familiar with the storyline it's a mystery though that's always fun when you find out. The main characters are 4 girls set in a highschool scene in post apocalyptic Tokyo, I guess like all series you have to get into it to start appreciating it

One Piece
This one is an adventure comedy I recommend this one because personally I think ODA is fantastic about telling stories, it's based in a fantasy world where pirates roam free with our main character named Monkey. D. Luffy sets out to be the pirate King, and has all his adventures along way, you get to find out about each and every characters past and experiences aswell which is what I love about a good anime.

This one I find enjoyable mainly because of the kick ass fight scenes and the badass characters that all come together. I think aside from dragon ball z in this type of action drama series I find it amusing to watch.

anyway I hope you enjoy watching let me know how you go! :)
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Re: i am looking for an new anime series

Postby mickymouse » Thu 05.15.2014 9:19 pm

how about "rurouni kenshin"?
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Re: i am looking for an new anime series

Postby Drea Kirei » Fri 09.12.2014 4:57 am

mickymouse wrote:how about "rurouni kenshin"?

Yes, that one. There's even the two movies if you want a short-cut through the story.

Also, if you don't think it too cheesy.. lol, I'd recommend Romeo x Juliet. It's a serious drama anime that's just epic with lots of political conflicts and awesome swordfights. They cleverly wove fantasy, adventure, politics and war into the classic Shakespeare storyline. It's really good!
Drea Kirei
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