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Trying to do something big with my life.

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Trying to do something big with my life.

Postby Sittingduck1991 » Tue 04.08.2014 12:03 am

If you are reading this please know that my grammar sucks so damn bad. lol.

I basically just wanted to type this because I am having a hard time. For the past three years I have been breaking down obstacles such as getting an associates degree, going from 265 pounds, and dying to 195 pounds, and being able to run over eleven miles, and among other things I have taught myself everything I know about the Japanese language (Which is no were near were I want it.)

So next is my dream. I have made it my dream in life to make it to Japan, and possibly live there if I like it. If all goes well I should know in a few weeks if I get to stay a entire year in Nagasaki Japan for study abroad. I am so excited about this, because this will give me a chance to completely focus on the Japanese language. I did not fall in love with this language like many people you meet. Most people I knew that was into it loved it because of Anime. I hated anime before I fell in love with the Japanese language. It was just by chance that I said, "I wonder if I can learn a language?" After watching Sonatine the movie. I am so close, and this dream has even made me want to go get a BA degree. That is were my problems begin.

My dad tells me I am wasting my time. He tells me I will be in so much debt that I will ruin my life. He might be right, but as much as I love him I remember the fact that he told me I was wasting my time with college in the first place, and here I am about to graduate with a Associates. I don't know what to do now. We fought about it today, because I want this so bad. I have never attempted something I could not achieve, and I have never been this driven in my life, but is it really possible for someone like me to go and achieve something like this? I have my doubts... But I can not let that stop me. Even if I get flamed for being a noobie gaijin I still proceed. I just wanted to hear from people, and see if there is anyone who was in my type of situation who pulled it off. I did jack shit in high school, but now I have the drive to do anything, or so I think. I am not looking for someone to kiss my ass. Just advice.
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Re: Trying to do something big with my life.

Postby Ongakuka » Tue 04.08.2014 7:15 am

Supporting you all the way.

I wasn't in a situation where people weren't supporting me; I had a lot of support which I am very lucky and grateful for. But the truth is, whether you have it or not, you have the power to realise your dreams, and I think you know this well. Just go for it. And anything you want to ask, or any doubts you might have, just fling them out here and we'll respond. TJP was actually a huge motivation in my Japanese language learning.

And well.. I'm living and working full time in Fukushima. I'm not very good with questions like 'how much does this cost' or 'where can I find an apartment,' but I'll try to answer any questions you have as best I can. Good luck to you ^_^
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Re: Trying to do something big with my life.

Postby clay » Tue 04.08.2014 7:43 am

Dreams do come true--with persistence, a lot of work, and monk-like patience for just the right timing.

I have a friend who hired people for his company. He told me the only thing a college degree did was show the applicant started something BIG and saw it through. Your father is right about it being an expensive piece of paper, but it does have meaning.

The job that took me to Japan in 1998 required a four-year degree (any degree). If I had not graduated with my bachelor's, I probably wouldn't have gone to Japan, started my business (all about Japanese), met my wife, or had my two wonderful children. That's true even if I will never use my degree for its intended purpose. (I guarantee I'll never be an art teacher!)

So, work hard and keep your goals in mind with every decision you make. You will find as you grow older that your goals may change, but that's all right as long as you keep on keeping on.

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Re: Trying to do something big with my life.

Postby Sittingduck1991 » Wed 04.09.2014 2:06 pm

Thanks for the reply guys. My questions are not about cost. I did enough research to realize that Japan is an expensive place, but I have to travel this world. I don't want to sit around wondering, "what the hell happened?" thirty years from now. I appreciate you guys giving me honest straight forward answers. I got over what my dad said about a day ago, and decided to pick up, and continue. I am in the middle of teaching myself Hiragana, and then Katakana next. Maybe even a little Kanji if I get accepted. Thank you all. Hope to see you on the board soon!
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