another newbie says hello

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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another newbie says hello

Post by mbiraman » Fri 12.30.2005 2:05 am

hello to everyone and konban wa
Having had a love of things japanese for many years ive decided to be more serious about learning the language. I've been listening to pimsluers mp3,,and learning some grammer on-line. I've got some books on the way from amazon about particles and sentence phases etc. I came accross this site tonight and it looks like a good forum. I have to say that i'm a bit mystified by hirigana,kanji etc but i'll get over it.
Does anyone have any experience with japanese language software for a palm device??

ja matta

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RE: another newbie says hello

Post by ai_love_gaara » Mon 01.02.2006 8:35 am

hajimemashite, welcome to this site;)
im still new here as well, but i can say to u that dont worry about Hira and kana, as long as u start with hira first.
thats all i have to say, sorry i couldnt help u about the palm device thingy.:(

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RE: another newbie says hello

Post by ShinDig » Mon 01.02.2006 1:24 pm

welcome to the site ;) Good luck studying! :)

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RE: another newbie says hello

Post by huskobon » Mon 01.02.2006 2:02 pm

Welcome to The Japanese Page. Hoep your studying goes well. Good luck!

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RE: another newbie says hello

Post by bookworm247 » Mon 01.02.2006 4:22 pm

well, im a newbie too, so hello to you too :D
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RE: another newbie says hello

Post by Zeo » Mon 01.02.2006 6:42 pm

Welcome to this site, have fun:)

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