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Postby awesomepossum » Tue 01.03.2006 9:34 am

I'm new here and very excited to learn japanese after watching my favorite animes in jap. (Full Metal Alchemist to be exact and more too but fma is my fav. currently) Just wanted to say Hi! ^__^
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RE: Hello

Postby Zeo » Tue 01.03.2006 9:44 am


Welcome to this site:);)
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RE: Hello

Postby Mariya » Tue 01.03.2006 10:45 am

Hi there, make yourself at home!! Hope you enjoy it here. Also, please refer to this thread:

[url] http://thejapanesepage.com/forum/viewth ... ad_id=1502

See you around the forums~! :)
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RE: Hello

Postby ShinDig » Tue 01.03.2006 10:57 am

Hajimemashite!! ^.^
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RE: Hello

Postby Daisuke » Tue 01.03.2006 11:40 am

Welcome.. :)

FMA ROCKS! :D .. I have not watched many eps tho'.. Got no time or money :S ..
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RE: Hello

Postby Gan » Tue 01.03.2006 1:38 pm

こんにちは, どうぞ宜しく、と恭賀新年!!!!!!!!!!

Konnichiwa, douzoyoroshiku, to kyougashinnen
Boku ga shado-tekuru-, Jeshi-san mo
Tanoshimu de koko!!

Hello, pleased to meet you, and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
I'm The Shadow Taker, Jesse-san also.
Enjoy it here!!:D

(gomen, :|I am a begginner also, so i think i just screwed up all the grammer in that.
if i did tell me)
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RE: Hello

Postby randomperson » Tue 01.03.2006 4:12 pm

welcome to the fourm hope your learning goes good FMA rocks i just finished watching the movie (in japanese)
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RE: Hello

Postby kirama » Tue 01.03.2006 7:38 pm

awsome possom rrriiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhhttttttttt
reminds of my teacher (shudder)
how do i get signature !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im off newbie stage
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