hajimemashite i'm new here

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hajimemashite i'm new here

Post by ureshii » Wed 01.04.2006 9:00 am

hi everybody i've bee studying japanese for about 9 months now and luckily found this page which is very amazing
i just got the book 501 japanese verbs and in the conjugation table is like this

past indicative
past presumptive
causative pass

do i have to memorize all this forms or should i give priority to some of them
i would appreciate your help
jaa mata

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RE: hajimemashite i'm new here

Post by ymlover » Wed 01.04.2006 9:05 am

Hey I'm new to this place too! I think what you should do is just study what you want, but the best is to talk with a japanese person and learn japanese like that. That's how I learned, well actually I had to move to Japan...

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RE: hajimemashite i'm new here

Post by SaigoNoBan » Wed 01.04.2006 10:17 am


Although I started studying Japanese less than two months ago, I tend to give an absolute priority to grammar when studying a foreign language (and I think it has worked so far with the other languages I have learned). And while I certainly agree that moving to a country is the best way to learn its language, not everyone can (or wants to) move to Japan...

IMHO, first of all, you may just as well forget about the complicated names of the various forms if they are confusing you. I think it's much easier to say, for example, 'Dictionary form', 'て-form', and 'ます-form' instead.

These, by the way, were the very first I learned. Once you know how to build these, you can build all the other forms just by appending a particular ending. As to the order in which to learn the other forms, I suppose it depends on what you are learning Japanese for. For example, the imperative will be of no use for conversation with Japanese people (it is just too impolite to say) but it's essential for reading manga (heavily used in fights and/or by tough guys. They just keep yelling, "とれ!" all the time while socking each other).

I found these sites extremely useful in learning grammar basics. Perhaps your book will make more sense to you after looking at these...

http://www.sf.airnet.ne.jp/~ts/japanese/ (section 7.3 "Verbs" )
And of course Clay's Grammar Section here on TJP...

Anyway, welcome to the site, and have fun!
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RE: hajimemashite i'm new here

Post by Daisuke » Wed 01.04.2006 1:20 pm

Wrong section...

But welcome.. ;)

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RE: hajimemashite i'm new here

Post by Zeo » Wed 01.04.2006 4:41 pm

Welcome to this site:)

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RE: hajimemashite i'm new here

Post by ShinDig » Wed 01.04.2006 6:18 pm

hajimemashite :D

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RE: hajimemashite i'm new here

Post by Sachi » Wed 01.04.2006 6:29 pm

Hajimemashite and welcome to the site ^^ I agree that grammar should be your top priority, so probably go with the most common conjugations first, and then onto the lesser used. All should eventually be learned though. But that's just my way of seeing it ;)

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