Offline tools for reading japanese names (人名の読み)?

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Offline tools for reading japanese names (人名の読み)?

Post by bunalz3 » Mon 10.05.2015 5:51 am


Does anyone know of any apps that give you the (possible) reading(s) of a japanese name? Because I don't have a good connection and is on a limited bandwidth plan, I would prefer them to be usable without the need for an internet connection.

An example of such reader but requiring you to be online is . An android app (Japanese Name Dict), which I'm not able to install, claims to do it.

Another alternative would be a listing of the japanese names with their readings. Since this would be a big list, a pdf format (something like these: surnames and given names; unfortunately, the kanji aren't searchable*), or at least a site, is preferred.

There is a listing at kotobank, but it is not suitable for quick look-up as it isn't really a "true listing".

I'm also aware of an encyclopedia from Kodansha, but that seems overkill (amazon: U$ 1k...). I'm sure I haven't seen it in any of my local libraries, either.

If anyone knows of anything like the above items, please let me know.

*I could create a searchable ones based on these two pdfs, but I'll get there when the desperate situation calls for it...

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