Japanese Computer Games?

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Japanese Computer Games?

Post by Kodi » Fri 03.18.2005 7:20 pm

Ok I found two crazy free ones.
(Click torus trooper in the windows section (then you can click a button for english translation too hehe) then download the game to play, its about 6 meg. fullstop and slash keys are attack on mine arrow keys to move.)
(Click the picture on the top-right labeled '2ch格闘(仮)' for this game: Inspired by the characters made using ASCII art on Ni Channel which is probably, from what i have head, japans biggest and most influential bulletin board. They keys are, for me, Z,X+C for attacks and arrow keys to move.)

What games do most japanese realy play though?

Anyway, as those pages are translated... Sort of. You could try to understand the writing too hehe.
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RE: Japanese Computer Games?

Post by dreamingxashley » Fri 03.18.2005 8:48 pm

2chan IS the biggest bbs, its also got some really crazy stuff on there, so becareful on what links you click to go to... since I cant read it, Im not going there since I dont want to end up looking at yaoi or something... lol


Click on the toys section there are two games Dukatsu Monogatori (Cave Story), and Akuji the demon... the first one is ok, the second one sucks.

My guess is that Japanese kids like to play PS2's since its a sony product, and Sony is based in Japan... but that could also be a stereotype.. not sure. ^^;

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