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New here

Postby Cjiadon » Thu 01.05.2006 9:46 pm

Hello, everyone. My name is Christina but my friends call me either Cjiadon or Cj. I am twenty years old and am taking Japanese at my college. I am currently majoring in English and minoring in Japanese. After I graduate, I plan to go to Japan and teach English there for a year or two (longer if I like it a lot).

At my school, I am also vice president of the Japanese club so a lot of my free time during each semester is devoted to that. When I'm not at school, though, I like to watch anime with my boyfriend, Nathan. Some of my favorite shows are Black Cat, Shaman King, and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. I also like watching American shows too like Firefly, O'Grady and Friends. I enjoying reading a lot as well. My favorite genre is supernatural. I particularly enjoy stories about vampires and witches and creatures like that.

Right now I live in Minnesota near Minneapolis, but I am originally from Southern California. I hope to move back to California in the summer. I have never been outside the USA, except to Mexico, but I didn't like it there very much.

I think I've rambled enough now. I hope to be able to have great discussions with everyone and get to know everyone better in time.
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RE: New here

Postby ayaito » Fri 01.06.2006 6:07 pm

i rambled too, but hey, nice introduction! its better than "im new, so yeah", lol.
its really cool that you have a japanese club at college, and about your majors. i love languages, but i dont know that id like to be a teacher. i hope your opportunity to teach in japan goes very well for you, see you around!
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RE: New here

Postby Mariya » Fri 01.06.2006 6:17 pm

Konnichiwa! Make yourself at home, hope you enjoy it here! Vice president of the club, huh? What's it like? :D
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RE: New here

Postby Daisuke » Fri 01.06.2006 6:34 pm

Hi! Welcome to TheJapanesePage!.. I hope you will find the site helpful for your studies.. :) .. I don't know how good you are at Japanese, since you are taking it in college, but I guess you can learn of discussions in the forums and such.. ;)

Have fun.. :)
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RE: New here

Postby Cjiadon » Sat 01.07.2006 5:06 pm

Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone!

Being vice president of a club can be very tiring when school events happen, because we are expected to be a part of the major ones. Well also have a fall festival (Aki Matsuri) and although the festival isn't put on by the Japanese club at all, we are expected to volunteer for it. Working part of it can be very boring, but afterwards is usually fun. Last fall, we had a taiko group perform for us. It sounded wonderful.
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RE: New here

Postby ShinDig » Sat 01.07.2006 6:26 pm

hajimemashite :) have fun studying here :)
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