Why Haiku thread was closed ?

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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by clay » Tue 01.10.2006 4:49 am

Well, I guess we could examine some of the rules like double posting. Although I don't look at many forums on other sites, it seems to be a common rule. I could see how it could be seen as spamming. I certainly don't want this to turn into an anarchy site!

I just want this forum to be useful for people. ;)

Comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by Daisuke » Tue 01.10.2006 11:22 am

skrhgh3b wrote:
These mods are drunk on their own sense of 'power.' I moderate another Japanese language forum, but I've never lorded it over any thread like this.
You will regret calling ShinDig drunk on power. You can call me what you want, but not her. She is not drunk on power, all she did was stepping in to help me. The one who is drunk is YOU.
zengargoyle wrote:
randomperson wrote:
you dont have the right to say how we mod the forum is right or wrong.
wow, that's almost as bad as the person who was disgusted with anybody who didn't like a certain anime...

unless you're Clay, then the members of the forum definately have the right to voice concern over moderation practices.

locking a thread because one person acts foolish?? does that mean that all anybody has to do to get a thread locked is start double posting in it? go ahead give in to the trolls.

and just how does somebody with only 13 posts get to be Administrator? doesn't seem like you have enough interest or give enough support to be all high and mighty. or are you somebody else in disguise?
Voice and concern all you want, Clay is listening.

I never locked a thread because one double posted. Are you blind?
I am raised as admin at another forum, and I am used to the rules being like this, exactly because that was a bigger forum which would prevent spam. It worked good there, there was rarely problems. It is only here people don't understand what rules is and have to get them told several times. << Which is MY job.

Saying that about an admins post count just proves your inexperience and your misplacement in this forum. A moderator could have 0 posts, depending on their job.
clay wrote:
Let's stop this here. I have decided to reopen that thread since all members shouldn't be punished for one guy's trouble, but I want to stress one thing: being a moderator here is no easy job. Please respect their dedication and hard work.

Chandrayee, you were warned time and time again against double (and triple) posting and empty posts. And right after the warnings you double posted. That isn't ignorance but a deliberate action. It is no wonder the mods got a little hasty. If you have something to add to a previous post, there is an Edit button.

I am very grateful for Daisuke's hard work. He has consistently helped out well beyond what was asked of him. It is his 'job' to make sure the rules are followed for the good of everyone. If it weren't for him and the other mods, there wouldn't be a forum here since I am just too lazy.

That being said, I want Chandrayee and everyone else to continue to use and enjoy these forums. But please follow the rules! Rules are there for a reason.

Clay, they all think they are perfect people, they think they are so good at everything and that they can do everything better than anyone. Don't bother telling them this is work, they will never understand.

My post is a fine example of not double posting but having lots of quoted posts, until now.

Thanks for the comment on my work Clay.
spank wrote:
I think the moderators should cut chandrayee a bit of slack. She lives in the Himalayas and must walk 3km to the nearest internet access in a mountain tavern not unlike the one from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Okay, see that was silly but, you shouldn't ban me for it.

Likewise, I think English is a second language for her, so your admonitions are probably a bit muddled for her. Mind you, i can understand the need to enforce the rule agains empty posts and 'insipid one-liners.' But why not the double posts? If its eating up too much space, get rid of the signatures and avatars too! I dont' think double posts warrant the extinction of an entire thread.

By the way, Coco is cool. Fight the power.

*Now watch me get banned*
Coco is not cool. I am afraid that Coco only started this thread because she had a problem with me from before, and she could not solve it by person. She is not fighting any power, because she is not fighting Clay.

Watch you get banned, eh?.. Is that a request?
zengargoyle wrote:
yeah, i don't really get the double post thing either... when coming into or back to a long thread that has a few different people you want to respond to it seems odd to have to cram all of your responses into a single post. it also makes it impossible to use the "Quote" button.

and i'm afraid to use the shoutbox for fear that somebody will give the "the shoutbox is not for chatting!1!23" line. seems that relegates the shoutbox to a "graffiti box" where all that's allowed is a "yo dudes/dudettes" to the homies. meh.
The shoutbox is not for chatting is means that you shall not post 10 posts in a row. What is the point with that? Tell me that? And the posts rarely makes any sense at all. We try to keep this place clean ok? If you post "good" posts in the shoutbox, no one would ever say a word to you. You only bring this shoutbox stuff up, because you want to dis the admins, which I find very childish.

.. As a last note. skrhgh3b, do you take it back about ShinDig? It was really stupid saying that above. I have got a temper too, you know? If you for an example, believes that zengargoyle is right with his posts maybe you should consider taking care of your preeeecious 259 post profile. I will give you a day to take it back. << This is nothing about me being "drunk on power". I have feelings, as you obviously don't know, and you chose to call the wrong person, the wrong things.

Wasting my time on you people..
- Dai

EDIT: For spelling mistakes. I should not end up getting dissed about my spelling as well.
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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by mandolin » Tue 01.10.2006 12:47 pm

First, suggestions on rules:

Having a double post rule to prevent spam is a good idea. But it should only be enforced to prevent spam. Sometimes a double post is NOT spam, and shouldn't be treated that way.

It might be you want to do it out of fairness, but honestly, the world isn't fair. However, to alleviate the problem, you could change it to "Don't spam" and that leaves it up to moderator disgression as to what is or is not spam, eliminating the delineation of "double post" all together.

I think Chayandree was spamming with empty, pointless posts, seemingly to increase her post count (or maybe just because she's extremely hyperactive, who knows).

Problems with moderation recently:

Daisuke, we all know you and ShinDig are a couple, but I don't think your relationship should factor into your moderation. You do have feelings, but an authority figure can't act on personal grievances, only on forum rules.

We have to abide by moderator decisions, and respect them. But we, members of the forum, don't have to LIKE you. Not saying I hate you, Daisuke, I really do like you, you've always been the most active mod here.

The fact remains that I am allowed to dislike you, to voice my opinion about you, and not have your lover come to your defense. It creates an even bigger mess than this has already become.

Chayandree's case was extreme, and warranted action. You could just have deleted his/her posts (in that thread), as someone else suggested. But lately, I think your irritation level has been extremely low, and you've been locking threads for very petty things. Maybe you need a vacation.

You've done your share of slander in this very thread. Coco does a lot of good here, and I think she started this thread for the very reason it says it was started. I, too, wondered at the need to close the haiku thread. Saying that this is some sort of act of petty vengeance is a little paranoid.

And the only difference between her, and you, is that she doesn't have a boyfriend that can say "you will regret this". Of all the stupid things said in this thread so far, that was probably the most childish.
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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by SaigoNoBan » Tue 01.10.2006 1:14 pm

すみません。みんなさん、ちょと待ってください。 この立派なサイトは、目的が日本語の勉強ですね。私たちは、これに気を付けた方がいい、自分たちの中で怒るよりと思います。 私たちの気力を勉強のために使いましょうね。:|ください。。。

Sorry... Please hold it a little folks... The purpose of this great site is to study Japanese. I believe it's better to concentrate on this, instead of fighting amongst ourselves. Let's use our energies for our studies, won't we! Please...


Coco先生, Daiさま, Mandolin先輩。。。 素晴らして、見上げる人々が争っています。。。私は何と悲しいですよ。。。
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とうとう戻ってきました!^_^ お待たせしました

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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by AJBryant » Tue 01.10.2006 1:37 pm

Kumbayah, my Lord, Kumbaya.....



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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by Gan » Tue 01.10.2006 1:59 pm

As I Said before, i think daisikue responsibility was in the right.. But I also think that Coco has made a good point. I will remain nutrual yet still voice my opinions.

THe haiku thread was a good place for me to share my poetry. I was saddend my its closing but that doesn't mean that is wasnt wrong to close the thread, because Chandrayee double posted, and triple posted. I mean no disrespect to anyone here at this fourm. Perhaps the rules shall be looked over, and modified and edited, so everyone can come to comprimise.

My final concludement is that I will still remain nutrual.I just hope that people here at The Japanese Page will find a solution to its problems.

-The Shadow Taker

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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by spank » Tue 01.10.2006 2:49 pm

mandolin wrote:

Daisuke, we all know you and ShinDig are a couple,
mandolin wrote:

[Coco] doesn't have a boyfriend that can say "you will regret this".
I am her boyfriend...you will regret this.

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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by coco » Tue 01.10.2006 3:05 pm

I am afraid that Coco only started this thread because she had a problem with me from before, and she could not solve it by person


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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by ShinDig » Tue 01.10.2006 3:09 pm

Mandolin, i would appreciate it if you got your facts right before you claim things.

Me and Daisuke are not a couple. We are very good friends yes, and we have not let that get in he way of doing our job.

..Also, i am not a 'lover' who came to Daisuke's 'rescue'. I think that comment is ridiculous. I do not allow, my personal feelings to get in the way of my job. I said what i said because i thought it nessessary. And i reckoned a fellow mod needed some backing up.
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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by Txkun » Tue 01.10.2006 3:25 pm

Haiku are poetry, about what is great around us and inside us.
Please don't fight about something that is not anymore. The thread is open again... so continue this, if you want, to PMs beetween who was offended (or think he was) and admins. Okay?

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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by ShinDig » Tue 01.10.2006 3:33 pm

I agree. If anyone has any problems, your welcome to PM me.

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RE: Why Haiku thread was closed ?

Post by Justin » Tue 01.10.2006 3:34 pm

Don't worry coco, I still think you're the coolest, I don't care what Daisuke has to say. ;)

Really though, I know you're an admin an all, but that doesn't give you the right to put down one of our best member we have out there, and try to say the only reason she made this post was to get back at you over some previous affair!? She had every right in the world, just like the rest of us, to create a thread like this and ask a simple why.

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