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How do you say....?

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How do you say....?

Postby supaa_amerikajin » Sat 03.19.2005 6:57 pm

I know how to say "I am a student," "I am studying..." and stuff like that, but how would I say "I want to be this" or "I am going to be that" sort of thing? *bad grammar, sorry. >.< my head isn't working properly!* I swear I'm not some weirdo who'll use any such phrase in an attempt to start conversations with cute native speakers, honest! And I TOTALLY swear a failure at attempting above question is NOT the reason I'm asking! *...yeah right....I am date-less....le sigh*
So, now that the humility part is done and over with *whew!* Any suggestions?
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RE: How do you say....?

Postby Darbai » Sat 03.19.2005 8:37 pm

I know about the 2 first ones and those are like this:

I am a student
Watashi wa gakusei desu

I am studying... (japanese)
Watashi wa nihongo o benkyo shimasu

The important thing is to put o after the subject you are studying!
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RE: hey

Postby tems99 » Sat 03.19.2005 11:09 pm

usualy, if you want to express you want to do something or if you want to have something, you add "tai" to the verb and use hoshii for nouns..

inu ga hoshii desu.
kouen e ikitai desu.

but if you want to become something...

gakusei ni naritai desu.
i want to become a student..

byouki ni naritai.
i want to become sick

byouki ni narimas.
im becoming sick.

Im not really an expert though, just waiting for some expert to correct this...anywayz, hope this helps..
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RE: How do you say....?

Postby supaa_amerikajin » Sun 03.20.2005 7:55 pm

^_^ It does, thank you guys very much!
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