what does [ ] mean? plus grammar problem.

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what does [ ] mean? plus grammar problem.

Post by deathknight777 » Fri 01.13.2006 4:37 am

the below is my japanese paragraph, can please anyone check if is correct grammar? plus is there a website where i can put kanji and becomes romaji? cause i think alot of people would think im bad keep on asking problems on how to make it romaji. btw i used a program to do this and these [ ] things keep poping out, can u tell me wuts wrong?


Yesterday, I went into a strange place. I stand in the middle of this strange place. it seems to be a room, filled with weird stuff, in every direction. There are some cds on top of a table. But when I try to get it, I realize there are a bed on my right side. there are comics beside the bed. Just when I was going to get the comics, I look down and I see something similar to snow. But later realizing that it was just a floor. Just then I felt a chill, behind me there is a big crystal thing. but I realize it was just a big window. Than I felt someone touching on my left side, and I see my mom. just then I realize, I had a dream inside my own room about my room!

my english trans ^^^ thanks in advance :)

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RE: what does [ ] mean? plus grammar problem.

Post by zengargoyle » Fri 01.13.2006 5:19 am

those things 【it seems to me】 are parenthetical asides. i like them 【isn't it obvious?】 and use them 【even though it might not be a good idea...】 almost every chance i get. :D


kanji -> romaji

really, google is your friend. 【search: kanji to romaji】
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