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Anything relating to Anime or Manga - what's new, what you like, etc...
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RE: Some Help Please :)

Post by alex_2096 » Sun 12.04.2005 2:55 pm

bleach is good, the anime follows the manga really well.
have a look at the newest unlicened anime (like bleach) is hosted there.
but others i'd recommend would be cowboy bebop, full metal alchemist. gundam MS, gundam wing

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RE: anime-source

Post by teh_sAbEr » Fri 01.13.2006 6:17 am

Try for online manga. All of them are in English, but with Salad Days, there are some bits of romanized japanese, pretty much simple words. is good too, but it seems to be down at the moment.

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RE: Some Help Please :)

Post by Parasitepaladin » Fri 01.13.2006 12:27 pm

if u have a high concept of understanding i recomend anything and everything Ghost in the Shell

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RE: Some Help Please :)

Post by Gan » Fri 01.13.2006 1:48 pm

Download free unlicened manga from I perticularly like death

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RE: Some Help Please :)

Post by shikamarufoo » Thu 01.19.2006 10:05 am

mandolin wrote:
Bleach! Haven't read the Manga, sadly. But the Anime is top-notch.
^Agree Bleach is one of my favorite animes at the moment. There is also Suzuka, Shuffle, Naruto, Mai Otome...If you can use bittorrents(sp?) you should try to see some anime that is being fansubbed. Personally for me to find anime, I see what's on and check if it's good or not on Hope this helps you with the anime thing.;)

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