Story practice

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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Story practice

Post by C0kaCoLa » Sat 12.17.2005 9:28 am

IS there any site i can get a short story or sentences and then translate it to japanese and check if im correct???Or can anyone post it and let us practice so we can get better with our sentence construction??

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RE: Story practice

Post by ayaito » Mon 01.16.2006 11:51 am

try this website. it was given to me by someone on this site, and it is the cutest thing. i dont know if there is any way to check translation, but if youd like i can translate the same story you do and we can compare what we get.

this site is IN the kana, so i dont know if you wanted roumazi --> kana or kana --> roumazi. but either way, this site is fun to read. ^^;

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RE: Story practice

Post by Mandrake » Mon 01.16.2006 12:40 pm

"Things that try to look like things often do look more like things than things."

- Granny Weatherwax

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RE: Story practice

Post by ashitaka » Mon 01.16.2006 2:02 pm

i recomend buying childrens books but still those will have about 200 kanji in thim

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RE: Story practice

Post by Hitomi » Tue 02.14.2006 8:04 am


I am offering Japanese lessons (on podcast) and I sometimes do listening comprehension for my students. I read a short story and then write them down on my website a few days later. I have not have anybody translate the story, but if you would like, I can check your translation.

Here is the last lesson I did. ... 8229734078

Let me know if you are interested.
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