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Japanese with Mary Althous

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Japanese with Mary Althous

Postby leoo » Mon 01.16.2006 2:22 pm

Has anyone watched the "Let's learn japanese" videos from the Japan-America Foundation~?

If yes, what were your impressions? Is it worth watching? Is there anything I should watch out for? etc...

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RE: Japanese with Mary Althous

Postby ashitaka » Mon 01.16.2006 2:56 pm

just get books videos are nice but i prefere reading and haveing an index at the end
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RE: Japanese with Mary Althous

Postby aKuMu » Mon 01.16.2006 4:30 pm

actually im watching the videos i think theyre pretty good to understand. if you can get them somewhere(cheap) you cant be wrong with it i think
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RE: Japanese with Mary Althous

Postby sushi4ever » Mon 01.16.2006 5:35 pm

they're used by me as well atm.

the only downside to them is, that they use romaji throughout the whole series =.=

otherwise, they are quite okay imo...

if you don't mind that they're rather old ^-^"
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