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Postby Krystallis » Mon 01.16.2006 8:49 am

おはよう !

I am Krystal'lis, nice to meet you all. ^^ Not exactly new here, but this is my second post on the forums and thought I should say hi.

I am an american that is learning Japanese and interested in making friends at the same time. One day, I'll make it to Japan, but until then...study study study study... ^_~


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RE: *bow*

Postby Mariya » Mon 01.16.2006 10:15 am

Konnichiwa, glad you found this place..will help you loads ; ).

Make yourself at home, and you'll make plenty of friends - don't worry. Need any help, just send over a PM : ).

See you around~!
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RE: *bow*

Postby Daisuke » Mon 01.16.2006 10:31 am

Welcome to the site Krystallis! :)

I hope you find the materials and the learning resouces helpful here!

As Mariya says, you can make plenty of friends here. ;)
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RE: *bow*

Postby Kamaruka » Mon 01.16.2006 11:18 am

ohayo Krystallis(moring) dont worry im american learning japanese to:p lol so ur not only:D hope u like it here as well as i do to:) welcome;)
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RE: *bow*

Postby ashitaka » Mon 01.16.2006 12:21 pm

Welcome..... have you read the grammer section? it's great.
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RE: *bow*

Postby leoo » Mon 01.16.2006 1:06 pm

welcome aboard :)
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RE: *bow*

Postby Krystallis » Mon 01.16.2006 2:50 pm

Thank you all for the welcome ^^

Indeed Ashitaka, Grammar and Sentence structure are my primary focus right now, and this site's hiragana flash cards helped greatly.

I tend to read a helluva lot more than I post, but I'm always interested in talking with anyone; the more the merrier!

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RE: *bow*

Postby spank » Mon 01.16.2006 2:55 pm

Welcome to the board. Hajimema-shit-e

It says you are from the USA? Is this a country? Where is this place? See you.
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RE: *bow*

Postby AJBryant » Mon 01.16.2006 3:43 pm


What the hell?

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RE: *bow*

Postby Infidel » Tue 01.17.2006 1:08 am

granted, I get annoyed when I'm in a forum where the profanity filter starts annialating suru conjugations, but that is a bit emphatic and crude.

Lambasting USA too? I'm starting to stop considering spank a misguided pre-teen and start thinking of him as a teenage miscreant.

Would I be out of line stating this is not something that belongs in an introduction thread?

Fie spank, Fie!

To kystallis. Greetings. All the regulars here are very helpful. It's always good to meet someone with common interests. :)
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