Grammar Through Manga

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Grammar Through Manga

Post by IkimashoZ » Mon 01.16.2006 8:13 am

Hi everyone.

First, I would like to thank Justin and CajunCoder for their helpful comments in the last thread. Your corrections and recommendations (respectively) have been added to the site.

Concerning the recommendations, I have adjusted page 4 of Waq Waq only thus far. I would like input here before I make changes to the rest of the site.

Since I would like to stick to the policy described on my site's new statement of purpose page, I will not be discussing anything in this thread other than grammar errors and methodology of the site.

Please do not target me as a violator of admin precedent. I have been in contact with Daisuke concerning the creation of this thread.

- Matt
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RE: Grammar Through Manga

Post by CajunCoder » Tue 01.17.2006 5:16 pm


Looks great so far.
I'm looking forward to new episodes.

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