Study Group: Lesson 3

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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Study Group: Lesson 3

Post by am_bee » Mon 03.21.2005 2:04 pm

here's for lesson three questions/comments.

also, could you guys let me know if you want to take an extra week on this lesson? i know i crammed a lot into this one...let me know what you think.

after this lesson, we'll get on to the regular lessons with grammar, light kanji, and more vocab. i will NOT use romanji anywhere in those lessons. if you need an extra week to review hiragana before we start, please let me know either in this thread, or pm me. if i get people wanting more time for hiragana, we'll do a review lesson next week.

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RE: Study Group: Lesson 3

Post by Mugen » Mon 03.21.2005 9:42 pm

so what are you studying for lesson 3 right now?? just curious to start practicing.

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RE: Study Group: Lesson 3

Post by Daisuke » Mon 03.21.2005 10:57 pm ... ssons.html

Click at lesson 3 and check it out.

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RE: Study Group: Lesson 3

Post by Darkslime » Wed 03.23.2005 6:17 pm

Ah, I know all the kana already, but I doubt that it's necessary. We have a whole week on the topic, y'know? It's not THAT much ;)

Then again, my life is almost completely dominated by the internet @_@

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