Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese
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RE: Practicing!

Post by richvh » Sat 01.21.2006 8:01 am

Disclaimer: I think I have the same book ("13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese"), but was at work and didn't have a chance to look in it (and still haven't looked). I'll let others have a go at these before chiming in (and try to resist the temptation to peek, I think I remember the answers to #2 and 3).
Richard VanHouten

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RE: Practicing!

Post by tkbits » Mon 01.23.2006 1:01 am

3) Hmmm. Didn't know ペスト was the plague. Budapest - ブタペスト

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