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Yookoso! An invitation to Contemporary Japanese

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Yookoso! An invitation to Contemporary Japanese

Postby randyrandy » Sun 01.22.2006 12:26 am

My mom had just got this book for me at a Half-Price book store for around $8.00. I thought it was pretty good so far. However, it did not come with the workbook or audio tape.

Price: 10/10 Great, especially for over 400+ pages worth of information!

Information:8.5/10 It's good, especially for people that have a Japanese friend/family member. It contains good phrases and tons of vocabulary associated with pictures. It basically teaches about everything you can think of and has exercises that allows you to study what you have just learned. It also has chapters and in each one you practice listening, speaking, reading, writing vocabulary, making up a conversation, and later on essays. In other words, it's like a language textbook that you might obtain at school (it has activities where you must ask questions and answer from what you have learned, etc.). To me this would be a great book since I am able to ask my mom questions in Japanese and see if I can get some communication going! ^^;

Organization: 8/10 At first the lessons are in English and Romaji. Once you will learn the Hiragana and Katana alphabet (Chapter 1) the lessons will be in Hiragana/Katana. Also you will learn more Kanji as you continue through each chapter. Here's how the chapters are organized:

Chapter 1: Classmates
Chapter 2: My Town
Chapter 3: Everyday Life
Chapter 4: Weather and Climate
Chapter 5: Hobbies and :eosire Activities
Chapter 6: Food
Chapter 7: Shopping

Each one includes 4 sections: Grammar, Culture Notes, Reading & Writing, and Skills Practice. Each chapter is roughly ~70 pages so it is pretty detailed.

Overall: 9.5/10 This book is really great especially for such a low price. I suggest you find another person to communicate whether online or in real life to practice what you have learned. I'm learning classroom/house objects such as window, wall, ceiling, etc. and try to integrate them into my daily conversations. For such a low price (and over 400+ pages), I would buy it even if I was unsure of how good it would be.

Hopefully I helped someone out there, and best of luck+ wishes to your 日本語 learning!
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RE: Yookoso! An invitation to Contemporary Japanese

Postby ayaito » Sun 01.22.2006 10:50 am

sounds like a great book to me. i havent thought of checking half price books yet, but ill definitely go and do that sometime soon. you never know what theyll have!


i also dont have the audio tapes to go with my book ><

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RE: Yookoso! An invitation to Contemporary Japanese

Postby amego » Sun 01.22.2006 1:10 pm

Great! You have a very organised study plan.

日本語を勉強するががんばってます :D
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RE: Yookoso! An invitation to Contemporary Japanese

Postby ShikenkanBebii » Sun 01.22.2006 2:16 pm

Do you think they'd have that book at Barnes & Noble or Border's bookstore? I don't know of any half-price bookstores here. I bought "Japanese in 10 Minutes a Day" from Barnes & Noble (for 18 bucks:|), but I realized that I'd have to use some other texts, since it doesn't teach grammar, which is the only part of Japanese that I'm really struggling with:(
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RE: Yookoso! An invitation to Contemporary Japanese

Postby randyrandy » Sun 01.22.2006 11:02 pm

I checked the Barnes and Noble site and it costs ~$90! It seems border's sell them for $40-60. X.X However it has the Audio Cassette which it says is 540 minutes.. (Almost 10 hours!).

I think the best place to go would be Half-Price Books in a bigger city and has some Japanese people there. (We go to Dallas since more Japanese stores, etc.) But Half-Price book also has other good stuff; for instance, I bought a 100 pg. phrase book for few bucks, good to study at school!

The best bet would just be checking out HalfPrice Book every few days in hope for someone to sell a Japanese language textbook. ;-) Good luck!
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RE: Yookoso! An invitation to Contemporary Japanese

Postby Kates » Wed 01.25.2006 10:04 am

I used the Youkoso! books in my college courses and really liked them. Compared to Nakama, I found the Youkoso workbook much better, and I don't think the Nakama tapes had enough listening exercises on them (and none of the exercises on the tapes were used in conjunction with the workbook--which I think is unfortunate).

If a person is really serious about getting their hands on Youkoso, I suggest checking out a college's bookstore, if you can get to one. Or the B&N or Borders IN the college town. Both Nakama and Youkoso (and now, Genki) are common in college-level Japanese classes, and would be a lot easier to find, I think, in a college town.

Also, this site (http://www.bestbookdeal.com) might help anyone find a good price on some books. Check ebay, too. Students who had to buy Youkoso for class might be trying to sell it off for a better buy-back price there.
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