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Simile (Not smile) =)

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Simile (Not smile) =)

Postby amego » Thu 01.26.2006 12:37 pm

How do you express a simile?


"I'm as busy as a bee."
"It's as big as a tree."

and such...thanks...
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RE: Simile (Not smile) =)

Postby mechakucha » Thu 01.26.2006 3:18 pm

For "I'm as busy as a bee" = 私は蜂のように忙しいです
For "It's as big as a tree" = 木のように大きいです

Use "Noun + no you ni + Adj" to indicate "as Adj as Noun".

But please correct me on this if I'm wrong.:D
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RE: Simile (Not smile) =)

Postby hamsterfreak4evr » Thu 01.26.2006 9:58 pm

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RE: Simile (Not smile) =)

Postby Harisenbon » Thu 01.26.2006 11:24 pm

Japanese is as Fuki Prefecture as my Grandmother?

I think you might have a problem with that sentence. ;)
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RE: Simile (Not smile) =)

Postby amego » Fri 01.27.2006 3:12 am

Icic...thanx,おおきにありがとう (Osaka dialect) :D
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RE: Simile (Not smile) =)

Postby clay » Fri 01.27.2006 3:51 am

hamsterfreak4evr wrote:

How about:
I want to speak Japanese like an old woman from Fukui.

福井弁: (fukui ben - Fukui dialect):
ホヤホヤ means そうだ!そうだ!
つるつるいっぱい means fill 'er to the brim (when asking for a drink)
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