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RE: in the beggining

Post by AdA YUi TSuKinO » Sun 02.06.2005 7:14 pm

Okay...I said thank you very much mr.:DDaisuke
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RE: In the Beginning

Post by Daisuke » Mon 02.07.2005 4:36 pm

Oh.. No problem! :)

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RE: in the begining

Post by AdA YUi TSuKinO » Mon 02.07.2005 8:09 pm

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RE: Well, back to the topic...

Post by Sunny Pig » Fri 02.11.2005 11:28 pm

I would also suggest learning the kana (hiragana & katakana) first. Currently, I heard that the new system of Japanese teaching is where kana is taught to students within the first 2 weeks. Romaji is no longer been taught to students. It seems inevitable that romaji is going to be phased out in Japanese teaching.

Pronunciation of kana can be easily picked up from any Japanese audio sources, be it anime, J-pop, movies or any other thing you can get your hands on.

As for Kanji, I don't really have much advice to give. I learn Japanese entirely through self-study (In Japanese, I think its called 自学自習(じがくじしゅう). I just memorise Kanji, and I try to use Kanji whenever possible when I try to write a few lines of Japanese as practise. Some commonly used Kanji just get automatically memorised when I do that.

I would recommend "The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary" to help with Kanji learning. This dictionary gives detailed information about 2230 Kanjis, including all those in the 常用(じょうよう)list. It gives all the 訓読み(くんよみ), 音読み(おんよみ)and certain special readings. Many examples are shown in the form of commonly used compound words.

Hope this helps.
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