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Hiraganas wrong?

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RE: Hiraganas wrong?

Postby hyperconjugated » Tue 01.31.2006 7:13 am

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RE: Hiraganas wrong?

Postby WacKostRacKo » Tue 01.31.2006 8:56 am

Infidel wrote:Unfortunatly for my victim, I read that proper sword technique never aims for the sword but the wielder. So while my oponent pranced and flicked his stick about trying to hit my stick, I was going for the kill. The end result was me walking away from the battle virtually untouched, and my foe covered in welts and slash marks across their face, arms, and legs.

hah lol... why did we all do that? :D
tanuki wrote:
How about:

外人: これはすしです。すしが好きです。
日本人: おお!日本語が上手ですね。
外人: Erm....what?

story of my life...
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