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Next step: Vocab, Kanji or Grammer?

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Next step: Vocab, Kanji or Grammer?

Postby shikamarufoo » Thu 02.02.2006 10:39 pm

Konbanwa everyone...
I have mastered katakana and hiragana was wondering where should I go next? Should I begin to try to understand grammer, learn more vocab without kanji or get more in-depth with Kanji?
I'm in Japanese class and we are taught more about Japanese grammer and Kanji, but not as in-depth as it should be...
Please tell me which one would be better to go more in-depth with first.
Thanks for your time!:)
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RE: Next step: Vocab, Kanji or Grammer?

Postby richvh » Thu 02.02.2006 11:06 pm

Mix all three, learn vocabulary with kanji while learning grammar. The grammar's pretty useless without vocabulary, the vocabulary's pretty useless without grammar, and it's pretty hard to seperate kanji from vocabulary.
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