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electronic dictionary

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electronic dictionary

Postby kamome » Tue 02.07.2006 8:02 pm

my question is: has any of you ever used an electronic dictionary to help with Japanese language? They seem to be extremely popular among the Japanese learning English, but does it work the other way round? What brands are the best and which features should be taken into consideration when looking for a dictionary to learn Japanese? Thanks
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RE: electronic dictionary

Postby GyakuGirePanda » Tue 02.07.2006 8:17 pm

are you asking for an online dictionary?
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RE: electronic dictionary

Postby amego » Tue 02.07.2006 8:38 pm

Hmmm no i think he is refering to 電子辞書 denshijisho. Anyway kamome please take at look at this page that Clay has painstakingly put up for tips, info and to shop online for 電子辞書 :D
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RE: electronic dictionary

Postby Harisenbon » Tue 02.07.2006 8:51 pm

The 電子辞書 is completely indispensible if you're serious about learning langauge. If you get VERY into translation, their usefulness tends to peter out a little, but for most people, they are completely amazing.

I recommend the Canon Wordtanks, personally. I use the C50, because it's small enough to fit in my jeans pocket, while my friend prefers the G55, because he has bigger pockets. ;)

There should be a G60 out soonish, so if you're looking for a high-class dictionary, I would suggest waiting on that.
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