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japanese vocabulary

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japanese vocabulary

Postby Nick Tan » Wed 02.08.2006 9:26 pm

hi all, hope this is the right forum for this post... i'm working on a vocab memorization system, and we have a japanese module, so you can try memorize some japanese expressions. at this stage i'm still looking for feedback mostly. (it's in beta.)


note: do not click on the japanese flag. that is for japanese people trying to learn other languages. click on the ENGLISH flag (or whatever) and then select "japanese" from the drop down menu.

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RE: japanese vocabulary

Postby Machina Maw » Wed 02.08.2006 10:11 pm

It looks helpful.
Machina Maw
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RE: japanese vocabulary

Postby natemb » Thu 02.09.2006 12:02 am


What an excellent resource!! I've only gotten to level 5, but it looks like you've got a good list of vocab. A lot of practical words.

One recomendation: It would be nice if you could click on the bar to the left of the screen to go directly to a certain level. Unless I'm missing something, it looks like the only two choices are continuing to move up the levels or restarting (by going back to the main page and selecting to start at zero again). I found sometimes I just wanted to go back 1 or two levels. (I was able to remember a lot of words long enough to clear the level, but then soon forgot them if I didn't go back).

Anyway, though. I am very impressed, and I think I will start using this site often because vocab is what I've had the hardest time with so far.

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RE: japanese vocabulary

Postby hiraikotsu » Thu 02.09.2006 1:48 am

Thanks Nick, this is a great site. Are there any options for memorising based on topic? eg food, animals, shopping, transportation etc...
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RE: japanese vocabulary

Postby shikamarufoo » Thu 02.09.2006 2:04 am

Wow thanks for the site. The interface design is nice and it looks helpful to learn vocab which I really need. Again, thanks:)!
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RE: japanese vocabulary

Postby natemb » Fri 02.10.2006 1:30 am

the site has gotten so slow I can no longer clear levels in the required time... :( Perhaps due to traffic from this site? Or perhaps it's just my connection. Any others having this problem?

Edit: I have gone back to this site many times since this post, and I've had no more problems! :) I guess it was probably my connection.
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RE: japanese vocabulary

Postby amego » Fri 02.10.2006 11:25 am

I like the style, like playing games, hahah got lives somemore...cool! A great way to learn! :D
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RE: japanese vocabulary

Postby natemb » Wed 02.22.2006 10:10 am

I just noticed there is a statistics page where you can compare your progress with everyone else. There's nothing like watching other people move up the levels to keep me studying!

I noticed, though, that under statistics it lists the last level you completed, not the highest level you cleared. So if you clear 10 levels but start back from the beginning to review and leave off at level 5, it will list you as level 5 on the stats. Yes, I'm a little too competitive, but I think it would be cool to see everyone's highest cleared levels :)
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