Vocabulary list

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Vocabulary list

Post by ashitaka » Thu 02.09.2006 6:28 pm

I am makeing this thread as a place to post updates about my vocabulary list.
Go to the vocabulary section of this page or visit my temporary website at
If you have any suggestions for the list leave it in the guestbook, so far i have added everything people have asked for.
I will try to make it a programe when i finish the list, and i will be makeing seperat PDF's for each JLPT level as soon as i have enough free time.

i have added more links to thejapanesepage/shop
so put them anywhere basicly so we can make the TJP comunity even greater.

Over 1200 downloads at my site and over 5000 people have gotten my PDF from this site.
it is now 213 pages of jlpt 1-4 vocabulary. i fixed some blank entries, and fixed some. there should be no EDICT entries left they just look the same because of the dictionary format.
I alphabetized most of the entries, and i now have a "we will rock you midi file for you to listen to.(i like freewebs just for those songs)

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