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Post by hihlordjp » Fri 03.25.2005 8:12 am

Does anyone else know of this manga/anime series? I watched the anime as a kid. It's really funny (and thus, quite entertaining). They don't air the anime here anymore, though. But they did sell the manga here. I bought all the volumes in the series (except 3 which weren't available).

What's it about? It's about a boy named Yaiba who wants to become the "legendary samurai". He grew up in the jungle and thus knows nothing about city life. All the fun starts when he manages to get to Tokyo and encounter two magical (or cursed) swords...

The manga is quite an immersion in Japanese, albeit only on a graphical/textual level. You'll get to see how people talk and how speech patterns differ in little girls, little boys, grown women, grown men, old women, old men, news reporters, one-horned demons, samurai... Basically, people from all walks of life!

(This is also a plug for the Japan Shop! Clay-sensei and Yumi-sensei are nice enough to have a few volumes available! B) :p )
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