Passive and Potential.

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Passive and Potential.

Post by KRed » Fri 03.25.2005 2:43 pm

I just need to check if I have this right.

In the case of group 2 verbs you add on "rareru" if they are...

1 Potential Verbs eg boku wa sakana ga taberareru (I can eat fish).

2 Passive Verbs eg nihon de sakana ga taberareru (In Japan fish will be eaten).

Do group 2 verbs share the same inflection in these two grammar structures?

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RE: 一段動詞の可?#92;形と受動形

Post by Sunny Pig » Fri 04.01.2005 1:22 pm

Yes, both the passive forms and potential forms of group 2 verbs (also known as "ichidan doushi") have the same conjugation involving changing the "ru" into "rareru".

However, it is usually very easy to differentiate the two simply from the context of which it is used on.

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