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Postby Mandrake » Thu 03.09.2006 7:05 am

My wife convinced me to buy Project Zero 3 yesterday. We stayed up most of the night playing it.
If you haven't played the Project Zero/FatalFrame/零〜ZERO〜 series, then go get em. :) You won't be dissapointed.

...unless you are looking for something with cute bunnies of course. Then this will be a big dissapointment. Lots of doll's though.

The trouble is, after playing the third game, I find myself wondering if I am awake or not....
"Things that try to look like things often do look more like things than things."

- Granny Weatherwax
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Postby aKuMu » Thu 03.09.2006 7:43 am

hehe im playing project zero 3 aka fatal frame aka 零~刺青の聲~ too at the moment.
its a great game. so much horror but without bloody masacres (only equipped with a fotocamera to fight the ghosts :o) sounds a bit weird at first but its really cool. if you dont know the game yet, but like resident evil and/or silent hill and the likes, its defenetly worth a try :)
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