Check / show how you draw Kanji

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Check / show how you draw Kanji

Post by faburisu » Thu 03.31.2005 4:10 pm

I'm rather new to these forums,

maybe you already know of this,

how about using


to discuss drawing kanji and proper stroke order , for example ?

Here's an example, I draw 62 kanjis from the Remembering the Kanji method:

some kanjis

I just started 2 days ago, I know they are ugly but hopefully correct stroke order :)

NOTE that you may have to edit the link to your drawing before posting it, because the link contains email addresses

First 125 pages of the method are freely distributed here:


If someone can draw some nice Kanji please show ! :)
It's not easy with the mouse... helps if you have a graphic tablet :)
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RE: Check / show how you draw Kanji

Post by Matsumoto_hideto » Thu 03.31.2005 8:54 pm

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RE: Check / show how you draw Kanji

Post by Kodi » Fri 04.01.2005 7:44 pm

quite a nice idea =p Maybe we can get lots of people to go on at same time.,

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