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RE: Maplestory

Post by Akamaru » Sat 03.11.2006 2:46 pm

Did it work? More important, could you register?
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RE: Maplestory

Post by ashitaka » Sun 03.12.2006 8:46 pm

if you cant register on a certain one try other maple story games. like maple story, maple sea, maple global, maple flash, maple lite, maple flash lite.
ok by now you should understand their are a LOT of maple games, all have the same world just others are more updated than others.

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RE: Maplestory

Post by kanadajin » Sun 03.12.2006 9:57 pm

Yeah, I have been waiting for days..
Yes well daisuke, its REALLY big.. It might be to big for your monitor to see. umm, I assume it will take about a year to finish loading.. =P =D

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