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Kanji Mnemonics

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Kanji Mnemonics

Postby colorpen » Sat 03.11.2006 10:05 pm

the Kanji Mnemonics is frustrating me..

the romanji for 行動 koudou became koodoo..
小学 shougaku became shoogakku...
上等 joutou became jootoo..
n everything else is the same for longer pronounciations..

the author's personal preference? blah!
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RE: Kanji Mnemonics

Postby keatonatron » Sat 03.11.2006 11:26 pm

i.e. Romaji is the worst way to study ever.
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RE: Kanji Mnemonics

Postby alex_2096 » Sat 03.11.2006 11:50 pm

slightly, unrelated but is there dictionary sites for kana, cos i really wana start stop using romaji.
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