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Study Group Activity Test!

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Study Group Activity Test!

Postby Daisuke » Thu 03.31.2005 8:42 pm

Due to several reasons we want to see how many members who actually use the study group. We don't want to work for nothing, so we expect to see all 50 - 60 members to post a comment saying something like 'i am active' etc... It is not hard to register for the study group, but it is hard to make the lessons! therefore i would say that you should think twice before joining the group.

No members are using the lesson topics. THEY are there because of ONE thing and thats because this is a group, and we talk about the lessons. If we do not discuss the lessons then you could just be studying on your own. The study group is an offer to maybe make it easier to learn japanese. I would hate to see this topic empty too long, so i'll give you a deadline. In 48 hours, you have posted here that you are still active in the group, and you are ready to participate in the forums too. If you got any questions about the study group you are welcome to ask as well, as i feel pretty active on these forums (I have been online 10 hours today, yes you read right!), you could get an answer pretty fast. Another problem is, that we are only 2 admins (Yes thats right! But lona and I do both understand why December had to leave, so don't think about that), and the one of us are working her *ss of. I have now taken some more responsibility, but we does still need another admin if this wants to continue. But that depends on how many answering this topic. All who doesn't answer this topic before deadline will count as inactive members and will be deleted from the site. And if we continue after that, will we expect a very good explanation for deleted members to come back in. If you haven't 'time' for using the group you should never have registered, because that was a waste of both your own and our time. I will follow this topic VERY closely the next 2 days, and i have written down the exact time i posted this, and the same time in 2 days i'll close the thread, and lona or I will post a 'conclution' (Or whatever it is in english) I am really tired about doing things this way, but we have to. I look forward to read alot of replies.

Well, i'll watch an anime and go to bed. Konbanwa!

- Ruben

[EDIT]: It was pretty late, so don't want ANY comments on my english. I'll make sure that you'll be banned if you dare.

And another note! THIS counts in all who have sent PM's tho' not being written on the members list yet. I am a little behind.
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby Deliorion » Thu 03.31.2005 11:10 pm

Hmm.. not sure what you're trying to say but I think it's to post if you're still active.. well I'm active.. It's just that I'm a bit past these lessons and they're no use of me so far..
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby GMK-kaijuu » Fri 04.01.2005 7:31 am

Just this past week have i been really studying because it started on grammar and such.I had already learned the hiragana.i made flash cards out of the vocab.
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby am_bee » Fri 04.01.2005 1:32 pm

we do understand that these early lessons are well below several of our members' levels. however, enough people who pmed me stated that they were just starting out, that i feel justified in assuming that the lesson threads (at least lesson 4's) should have been more active.

this thread is just to see how many of our 60+ members are actually checking the messageboard (the use of which having been the entire purpose for starting the group).

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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby Mugen » Fri 04.01.2005 1:56 pm

im here.. just got lots with school right now.. will be better after i finish with this paper i have to write.
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby haru » Fri 04.01.2005 2:05 pm

i got a pm from Ruben about the admin stuff and right now i am really busy with family and college as my sister is getting married in a couple of weeks and i have some E-commerce crap to hand in for college so thats why i havn't been on the internet much....hopefuly by next 2 weeks i should be more active enough to continue my japanese study's again.

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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby Riley » Fri 04.01.2005 2:26 pm

ok so i'm still active and hope i'm still a member....anyway what i want to say is that the first lessons were very easy for me because i already know the hiragana and that's why i never post in threads...and now you teach katakana as well and i don't have any questions about it too...the vocab and the kanjis are great...when i'll have any questions i promise to post
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby Step » Fri 04.01.2005 3:44 pm

I'm active, but I just started so I'm speed learning the hirigana. :P

So far I'm done lesson 1, just have to do the test and I'm starting lesson 2 tomorrow. If I go any faster my head will hurt. lol.
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby toryn » Fri 04.01.2005 11:55 pm

I'm also active. I'm a bit beyond these early lessons, but I suppose I should be more involved in the threads, at least to help the beginners.

It really is great what you guys are doing, Daisuke. Tops on ya.
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby mrfusion » Sat 04.02.2005 1:10 pm

I'm still active. I was doing fine 'till the ten-ten hiragana - I keep mixing
those up...
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby mrfusion » Sat 04.02.2005 1:30 pm

こにちわ ともだちの

  わたしわ アメリカ人 です

  日本 しょさい むずかしい です
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby nef919 » Sat 04.02.2005 1:34 pm

Still active. Busy making up flashcard based test to help me study during down time via my treo600.
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby Darkslime » Sat 04.02.2005 1:46 pm

I'm here too. School finally let up enough, so I'm going over the vocab in all the lessons. ^_^
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RE: group

Postby tk101 » Sat 04.02.2005 4:42 pm

hello, i here.
just to let you all know, i'm somewhat beyond the beginers lessons. but, i still have some trouble with particles, so what ever lessons you'all do please cover the particles. I know the basic particles. such as ni, wa, noni, mo, ga, to, ya yo, etc. i have problems with remebering all the purposes for the particle ni.

I will try to make a comment every day. eventhough next week school starts agian. keep in mind that becuase i have honors classes i may not always be able to post, but i will put an effort to do so...
when do we start?

does everyone really needs that book you said earlier? i dont have that one, i have living language japanese, and i use the internet.

i have finished the grammar lessons on this site.
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RE: Study Group Activity Test!

Postby phreak » Sat 04.02.2005 5:14 pm

I'm active. (I'd appreciate it if I were not deleted.)
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