after genki

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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after genki

Post by mairuzu » Mon 03.13.2006 8:37 pm

well ive been seriously study very hard for about 9 months, was in classes, but they got to slow, and i have a tutor who i used to see once a week for 5 hours but she was to slow too. i live with my girlfriend who is japanese, and i get the chance to use it everyday with her and my other friends.

About a month ago i completed genki hon 2 workbooks and all. and i came to a relization,
the genki series are good for basic stuff, but when you finish them they leave you at a point where you dont know where to go, i have been studying a new book for the last month called intermediate to advanced japanese, its good, but there are alot of kanji (not a problem) but there is no furigana, so my girlfriend has been writing them out for me, then i have to make my own vocab list and study them beofre i start the chapters. i going to keep studying it till i finish, but,

i was wondering if anyones ( who has been studying for a while) no of anygood text books for continuation after genki 2 textboook, ive been searching but it is hard to look in the book to tell if it is good. i was in japan last month and bought abunch of level 4 and 3 jlpt books but they are a little to easy. i just want to find a good solid book that cover intermediate to advanced.

if anyone can help it would be much apprieciated.
thank you

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RE: after genki

Post by IkimashoZ » Mon 03.13.2006 9:01 pm

I recommend the two Japanese grammar dictionaries, ("A Basic Dictionary of Japanese Grammar" and "An Intermediate Guide to Japanese Grammar") and that you talk to your girlfriend in Japanese and read Japanese as much as possible.

Genki, for all its flaws, really does give you a great foundation for understanding the language. After you've finished your advanced to intermediate textbooks, the only thing left is to listen, read, write and speak on your own. I know it's easy for me to say that since I'm living in Japan and not the states. I remember feeling frustrated with the lack of opportunities in my area to use my Japanese. You've at least got a significant other who's fluent, so that's something to be thankful for right there.
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RE: after genki

Post by Corybobory » Fri 04.07.2006 10:47 pm

I'm in the exact position you are (minus having a fluent partner)! I just finished the genki series and am wondering where to go from here. I need a way of studying listening comprehension as well as building up my (not very impressive) vocabulary.

I dont know any texts to reccommend, as like you I'm looking for one, but I'll share with you this site I find helpful: ... rvideo.htm

It has videos you can listen to and is relatively interactive. Good luck! I hope we can find a good next step!

Ikimashoz- I'll look into the books you reccommended :)

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