Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Post by CrazzyWarrior » Tue 03.14.2006 12:36 pm

The textbook is called "Nakama." Students will need to get the whole packet
which includes the textbook, the workbook/labmanual, the CD-Rom for listening
practice, and the set of CD-Roms that accompany the lab manual. The ISBN for
the whole packet (which is cheaper than buying the components separately) is:
0-618-15485-X. I saw one on-line site that has the set for $121.
I have been talking to me sensei for next simester and for the japanese class they will be using the mentioned book(s) and i have tried to find it online but with no luck, if anyone knows where i can find this book/set for the cheepest i would appreciate it.
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RE: Nakama

Post by richvh » Tue 03.14.2006 12:59 pm

That ISBN is out of stock at Amazon, but this seems to be essentially the same thing:
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