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I already learned hiragana...

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I already learned hiragana...

Postby Go-ruden Naito » Fri 04.01.2005 11:48 am

Whats my next step?
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Go-ruden Naito
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RE: I already learned hiragana...

Postby Daisuke » Fri 04.01.2005 12:26 pm

I'd say katakana. I learned both hiragana and katakana before i went on to kanji.
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RE: I already learned hiragana...

Postby Vengeance » Fri 04.01.2005 12:30 pm

Me too, Katakana is so gay though :/. I really got lazy when learning Katakana cos I didn't see the point in learning a script to write *cough* english *cough* foreign words.

But, Katakana is everywhere, a lot of names in manga are in Katakana so it's best to just learn it. It's much easier to remember when you know hiragana anyway.
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RE: I already learned hiragana...

Postby Spaztick » Fri 04.01.2005 12:55 pm

Katakana is in advertisements, in English words (of which there are a lot of), clothing, you name it it prolly has katakana somewhere.
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RE: I already learned hiragana...

Postby haru » Fri 04.01.2005 2:07 pm

right now i have have almost learn hiragana its almost taken me a week on and off studying it because i busy doing other important stuff plus next week the easter holidays will be over and my japanese lessons in college will be starting up again so hopefully ill learn allot in that week to learn katakana
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RE: I already learned hiragana...

Postby Kodi » Fri 04.01.2005 7:27 pm

On readings (ones from chinese pronunciations) in certain learning books are given pronunciations in katakana. Kun readings (japanese pronunciations) in hirigana. Manga often uses katakana especialy for names and sounds. Hmm, signs often have it etc... And any words from foreign (yes mainly english) places are in katakana. Think I'm gonna make a thread about on and kun tho cuz I still dont realy understand when you use each...

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