Where to register for JLPT

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Where to register for JLPT

Post by h3lladvocate » Tue 03.21.2006 12:37 am

Ok, so i dont live in japan but i want to take the JLPT 4 test next year, but im not sure how i can go about that seeing as i dont live in japan and the only place i know to register for it is in japanese book stores in japan. So... is there any other place i can register it and if not, how does one register for it if i dont actually live in japan, or should i say, do you have to be a japanese citizen to take it.
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RE: Where to register for JLPT

Post by richvh » Tue 03.21.2006 12:52 am

Look here.
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RE: Where to register for JLPT

Post by coco » Tue 03.21.2006 2:06 am

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Cool! B)
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