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Jewish people in Japan

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RE: Jewish people in Japan

Postby clay » Tue 03.21.2006 7:05 pm

Looks like an interesting book, but let's get back to Japan before this explodes into areas we don't want to go!

That link from the 2nd post is quite interesting. There are more than a few books on that topic. No way to prove it, but very interesting.

In Fukui, a German friend of mine told me about a church with a star of David on the door. He went in inquiring about it and find out the Pastor had years ago actually met and received a present from Anne Frank's father. That present, I believe, was a tree he still had growing in front of that church.

Also anyone interested in history and Japanese/Jewish relations will enjoy the very touching story of Sugihara Chiune who is called 'the Japanese Schindler.'
Amazing man! He was the Japanese Consul-General to Lithuania during the war. He wrote thousands of visas to Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi tyrany even when Japan told him to stop. As he was leaving (after being relieved of his job) he was still writing visas from the train window. There is a Cedar tree planted in Israel in his honor (Sugi means cedar)

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RE: Jewish people in Japan

Postby TrilinguisT » Thu 03.23.2006 12:47 am

fliprenegade wrote:
I didn't get that from a 'PC whitewash' I learned that in my world history class. When I say 'got a long' I mean they tolerated each other.


I looked at the book from Amazon. Are you refering to the crusades? I'm talking about the time period before that. BTW The first 6 crusades weren't a result of conflicting religions, it was over the holy land and who owned rights to it. A really good book on Islam is called Islamic Political Thought or somewhere along those lines. It goes into the religion quite well.

This is why history ought to be written by a third party. I should use this as an example:

the chinese and japanese relations were at an all time low like about 2 years ago becuase the new Japanese History Texbooks toned down their actions of ww2 crimes and somewhat glorified it. China and Korea got so mad and the controversy over this issue was so so big it hit (at least i thought it was) that it reached my town's internation affairs section of the local newspaper.

The Japanese government said to china, 'it is justified becuase we built roads, fixed stuff in your country and did alot in rural china - that pretty much gives us the right to tell our young generation what we did was wrong, but not as bad as the chinese's records in history."

okay, they didnt exacty say that, but i pretty much covered the main points and where the japanese gov. were trying to get at.

--- as of the present, i dont know if this issue was resolved ---
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RE: Jewish people in Japan

Postby natemb » Thu 03.23.2006 3:19 am

The only Jewish stereotype I've ever run across here in Japan was this: I was talking to another teacher about Christmas, and mentioned that my brother-in-law, being Jewish, didn't celebrate Christmas growing up. The teacher then asked me if my brother-in-law was really smart. I said "Well, he did go to Harvard...", and he said, "I thought so, Jewish people are really smart."

I'm not sure exactly where he got that or if it's a widespread thing, but it was kind of funny to hear, given that's exactly what a lot of people back home say about Japanese people!
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RE: Jewish people in Japan

Postby Infidel » Thu 03.23.2006 8:15 am

This is why history ought to be written by a third party.

Unfortunatly, Third parties don't get all the cultural baggage involved so they usually don't understand the true motivations in the first place.
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RE: Jewish people in Japan

Postby keatonatron » Thu 03.23.2006 11:12 am

Infidel wrote:
Unfortunatly, Third parties don't get all the cultural baggage involved so they usually don't understand the true motivations in the first place.

But they do get the facts.

So, dry, boring, but accurate history should be written by third parties.
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