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Help Please With My Name

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Help Please With My Name

Postby OakwoodHirata » Sun 04.03.2005 4:15 am


Could someone please help me with my name in KANJI....

My mom passed away a few years back and i want to get her last name in KANJI so i could get a tattoo of it...

Her last name and soon to be mine to is


Im gonna get it on my right forearm... if anyone could help me out with a picture i would deeply be greatful......

My email addy is Stockplus1@hotmail.com

Thank you for the help....

Oakwood (Chris) Hirata

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RE: Help Please With My Name

Postby Mugen » Sun 04.03.2005 11:24 am





I might be wrong.... so if anyone has better idea..
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RE: Help Please With My Name

Postby Mukade » Sat 06.25.2005 3:31 am

More than likely, that name would be: 平田

It's a fairly common name.
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RE: Help Please With My Name

Postby dballred » Sun 06.26.2005 1:49 pm

I'm echoing the response that the most common combination is probably the right one. Determining name Kanji is not an exact science, however. The name might vary based on the region, but Hirata is pretty universal around Japan. Sometimes, though, people change the character spelling legally for any of several reasons. One reason might be luck. If a particularly bad thing happens to a family, they might change the characters. Another reason might be overcoming 'burakumin' status, where people with certain family names from certain places are considered hereditary social outcasts. It's illegal to single people out as burakumin, but it still goes on. Another reason is personal preference. Two very famous transvestite entertainers in Japan changed the first character of their family name from the character for three to the character for beautiful.
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