Is this right ?

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Is this right ?

Post by kawada2998 » Sat 03.25.2006 8:08 am

Ok, these sentences are pretty stupid, but they are made of the words i know in japanese lol. Could anyone tell me if i am using the wrong grammar ?

1) Watashi wa taberu nezumi desu
= I eat rat

2) Watashi wa taberu nezumi desu ka
= Do i eat rats ?

3) Watashi wa taberu akai ke-ki desu
= I eat red cakes

I dont think i have used the correct grammar, so any corrections would be greatly appreciated.:D
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RE: Is this right ?

Post by richvh » Sat 03.25.2006 8:25 am

Your sentences should be:
1) Watashi wa nezumi o taberu (plain)/tabemasu (polite)
2) Watashi wa nezumi o tabemasu ka?
3) Watashi wa akai ke-ki o tabemasu.

Direct objects (in this case, the thing eaten) precede the verb and are followed by the direct object particle "o" (also written "wo" in some romaji systems.) "Desu" is not used to make other verbs polite, instead you conjugate them into the "masu" form.
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RE: Is this right ?

Post by Infidel » Sat 03.25.2006 4:15 pm

Kawada san no nezumi no ryouri wa suki desu ka?
nezumi no chi mo nomimasu ka?
ningen no tabemono yori inu no tabemono ga ii tte omoimasu.

pero cha~~~~n, kochi kochi
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RE: Is this right ?

Post by TrilinguisT » Sat 03.25.2006 5:15 pm


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