Kawakami Gensai

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Kawakami Gensai

Post by Fallen_Angel » Mon 03.27.2006 12:58 pm

I've been trying to find a crap load of info on him and I can't seem to find any though. It all seems to be summarized. You guys have anything on him.

Guess this music video.

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RE: Kawakami Gensai

Post by AJBryant » Mon 03.27.2006 2:27 pm

Unless you can read Japanese well, there's not that much on info on him. Even in Japanese, there's hardly a "crapload" -- but a lot of myth.

He's pretty much a blip even in Japan. He's been kind of glorified by a couple of anime and a few productions about the shinsengumi, but he really wasn't that important.


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