Verb Endings

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Verb Endings

Post by sakura » Sun 04.03.2005 10:22 pm

Can someone be more specific about verb endings? I have gone to different websites about them and they all say different things and I havent been able to find a page about it on this website. Can someone help out a bit or tell me of a good website to learn the verb endings?

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RE: Verb Endings

Post by Mugen » Sun 04.03.2005 10:43 pm

verb endings are very complex and are hard to summarize easily

In the grammer section of this website they touch it briefly piece by piece gradually getting to the harder stuff. If you want a good book on grammar. I found that the book 'Japanese the Manga Way - An Illustrated guide to grammar & Structure' Is one of the best books i have found that describes all things grammar related

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