Writing/Drawing a story in manga style for japanese HW... ne

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Writing/Drawing a story in manga style for japanese HW... ne

Post by deathknight777 » Thu 04.06.2006 4:14 am

Hi, my teacher is telling us to make a manga about direction and I have a few translation problem and I also want to share my ideas to people about my manga.
The reason why I post it here and not the translation page is because I believe it belongs here plus that I can get more manga ideas outta you guys. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT PLEASE REPLY ASAP ! THANKS :)

The basic idea is that the guy kept screwing the guy up because he kept misunderstood what his trying to say. Example: salon and hospital sounds pretty close ETC need more ideas ^^.

The title is going to hosiptal

6 to 7 boxes

1: hopsiptal hospital ! where is it?
2: "salon"? please go straight
3: and than?
4: turn left at the next corner and than turn at the second light and than go across the bridge.
5: k thanks
6: hey this is not a hospital !
7: o i thought u wanted to go a salon! you need to go on a train than !
8: falls dead ><

please help me translate as much as possible thanks ! byouin is hospital which sounds really close to salon i believe.

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