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Japanese Music

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Japanese Music

Postby elXco » Sat 04.08.2006 3:28 pm

Hi i was just wondering what Japanese music is really popular right now. I am a big fan of japanese music and a very big fan of pop music!

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RE: Japanese Music

Postby aKuMu » Sat 04.08.2006 3:36 pm

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RE: Japanese Music

Postby elXco » Sat 04.08.2006 3:39 pm

thank you!:D
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RE: Japanese Music

Postby Naikou » Mon 04.10.2006 12:49 pm

Care to give some examples for decent JMusic artists ? I'm not into the Jpop theme, I actually tend to get annoyed by it, but then again, what is Jpop ? I like Mika Nakashima, she has decent music. I'm looking for some more artists that are in that region of 'niceness' :D
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RE: Japanese Music

Postby p0ent » Mon 04.10.2006 2:29 pm

I dont know what's popular at the moment but I like to listen to anime soundtracks, it's really cool. Espacially Samurai Champloo, One Piece and Full metal Alchemist (Hagane no renkinjitsushi) are titles with really good soundtracks:)
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RE: Japanese Music

Postby Cj » Mon 04.10.2006 5:03 pm

T.M. Revolution, Nami Tamaki, Crystal Kay, See-Saw, the Pillows, Chemistry, Asian Kung fu Generation are some of my favorites. I sing a TMR song at least six times a day.

Believe - Nami Tamaki, Kimi ga ita monogatari - See-Saw, Invoke, Ignited, Heart of Sword, Thunderbird, Vestige, Boarding, Zips & Mugen no Kokou - T.M. Revolution

:D some of my favorite songs
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