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Does Japan hate me?

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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby Cj » Tue 04.11.2006 10:26 am

I heard the same but I dont think I live up to any of those standards but slaves nah Usher had a concert in Japan. Don't think they think that for sure. I heard they love black people though.
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby coco » Tue 04.11.2006 10:35 am

Frumious Boojum wrote:
A woman I work with, she has a Japanese friend. Well, apparently this Japanese friend told her that in Japan, they have a perception of blacks in the US still being in slavery, picking cotton, and all that....

I guess that the Japanese failed with using "past tense" or something.
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby Schattenjedi » Tue 04.11.2006 2:24 pm

Cj wrote:
I heard they love black people though.

When you make that broad of a generalization, you can't help but be wrong.

RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby PandanoTake » Tue 04.11.2006 3:02 pm

goodness people, really. Of course you will stick out a little bit because you're not from there and you're not Japanese, but race is rarely ever a problem. Some people may not talk to you or talk to you more in english, use gestures, etc. but they won't hate you. Japanese people appreciate that you are trying to speak they're language. You respect them therefore they respect you. Of course, there will always be a select few that fit the description of avoiding you and treating you wrongly and such, but they are everywhere. From what I read above, you've blown it wayyyyyy out of proportion. Japanese people are still people, where they live and the fact that they have a different culture does not change that. So don't think that they're going to hate you just because you're from another country let alone continent.
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby Ranma » Tue 04.11.2006 4:45 pm

I hope they don't hate me 'cause I'm half German half American...;)
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby Takeo Saeki » Tue 04.11.2006 5:11 pm

Well put, PandanoTake. :)
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby songoku17 » Tue 04.11.2006 9:27 pm

shikamarufoo wrote:
Wow thanks to everyone who posted, I learned much about Japan...So people there are mostly friendly and do welcome other races (though there can be racists, it is very rare) right:)~

yeah from what I have expirienced and seen they seem really friendly Shikamarufoo so you should'nt worry.:D
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby Harisenbon » Tue 04.11.2006 9:55 pm

A woman I work with, she has a Japanese friend. Well, apparently this Japanese friend told her that in Japan, they have a perception of blacks in the US still being in slavery, picking cotton, and all that....

Some Americans think that Japanese people still walk around in kimono and there are fights between ninja and samurais in the street. Some people actually beleive in Godzilla.

I've never met anyone who thought that black people were still slaves in America, although my black friend has gotten a few questions from older gents about his tail. :/
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby PandanoTake » Tue 04.11.2006 10:05 pm

有難う ございました たけおさん。
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby queshaw » Fri 04.14.2006 8:50 pm

This thread is interesting. Just before, I was reading:


It's supposed to be a guy who went to teach English in Japan. Then I read a thread about Americans visiting Japan on tokyo pop's forum and got a completely different impression. There were a lot of comments about Americans being disliked. I was rather confused by the different impressions.

After reading this thread, it seems like it's probably about the same as anywhere I've been. As an American my impression is that people I meet have a mixture of admiration for certain aspects of American culture and a dislike of other aspects and also an expectation that I might behave like other very arrogant Americans and Europeans that I meet when I travel places.

That is pretty much how I myself react to my fellow Americans in America.

About the racism issue. The word has many meanings. You can't just decide to not be racist. It's like being uneducated. You can't just decide to be educated.

Racism is a tendency that I certainly have. The big difference is if it's intentional or not, or if you are intentionally looking out for your own racism. I like to think I keep a close watch on it, catch myself when I'm being racist and correct myself. At least I intend for that to be true.

There's also a big difference between someone who is intentionally racist, who has some power or is part of a group that has power, and someone who is intentionally racist but without power.

An American expressing bigotry toward a Laotian person is not just expressing ignorance and arrogance but evoking approval of exploding people apart with cluster bombs. Some person who treats me like I'm a "dumb American tourist", long after it should be apparent (hopefully truely) that I'm not, is not evoking images of terror against me, they are just kind of silly.

I'm usually not offended when I encounter trivial racism. Somtimes I find it irritating, but I haven't yet encountered racism that made me feel threatened, in Mexico, Canada, the Grenadines, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England or Thailand. Maybe that's true in Japan too.
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby aoisatomi » Fri 04.14.2006 9:29 pm

About the racism issue. The word has many meanings.

This is very true. Racism also, not just disliking someone because of their race, but can also be in a "protective" form. Like dumbing things down, or not letting that race do certain things to protect them like little children. That's just another example. It definently comes in many forms.

Also..consider this. I am American...but I don't like all Americans just because we share the same nationality. I'm not always accepted by other Americans, either. So, even if you are Japanese, there still would be no "proof" that you would be liked or hated. It also depends on the person, their actions, etc.

But like I've stated, passion refelects passion, and respect reflects respect. ;)

Again, good luck to all who venture into new lands with different people. May we always be welcoming onto each other.
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby TrilinguisT » Sat 04.15.2006 9:19 pm

i was at firsco today, and i saw ALOT of german tourist.. yeah, i got stared at alot and they tried to play it off as if they were looking at something behind me in all... i dont think its a race issue at all cuz maybe they've never seen an asian person before.. or at least a SE asain person, but o well -- my friends and I were in a cathedral and i do wear a buddha pendant attached to my necklace..maybe those toursists saw it and though "what the hell is he doing here??!?! OMG, GTFO! :D

oh well, maybe the japanese ppl who dislike foreigners ( Obviously the OLd generation of 30-40years) think like those germans.. "(i have never seen a foreigner before, Like OMG)"
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby Machina Maw » Sun 04.16.2006 1:32 am

Saying everyone in Japan loves/hates all Americans/blacks/whatever is like saying that all Americans hate Japan. This thread is full of people saying they love Japan and everything about it, language and people included. So that would make it untrue.

Therefore, really, whatever you say, you can't just lump the entire population of Japan into a stereotypical group in which they all love America, are all afraid of their English speaking abilities, or whatever else.
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby Oyaji » Mon 05.01.2006 12:57 am

It's always interesting to see the change from, "The Japanese are so friendly and considerate of foreigners." to "Stop treating me differently just because I'm a foreigner." And I don't mean that critically, because I think anyone here long term goes through it - I sure did. Someone new to Japan might be thrilled to be praised for their wonderful Japanese skills after simply saying "konnichi ha." It begins to feel a bit condescending after a while though.

My son won honorable mention in a national essay contest (first in the prefectureB) ) with an essay about my experiences as a foreigner living in Japan.

I have to add that now that our children go to the same schools and are on the same teams and we are on the same school committees etc., my conversations with the people around me are centered more on daily life than on my foreignness.
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RE: Does Japan hate me?

Postby opsidol » Tue 05.02.2006 4:27 am

There is racism everywhere. When I was in Tokyo some dude came up and intentionally shoulder barged me and I almost fell down the stairs. But everyone else I met was great. So I didn't get upset about it.
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