working and living in Japan

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working and living in Japan

Post by JM_Skyline » Tue 04.11.2006 5:05 pm


I was just wondering what sort of level of speaking & understanding Japanese would be required to get by working (say in a hotel) in Japan. I have only been learning a short time and have been thinking about trying to find work out there for a year.


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RE: working and living in Japan

Post by AJBryant » Tue 04.11.2006 5:23 pm

You won't find *any* jobs unless you speak Japanese. Japan isn't the EU.

You're also unlikely to get a visa to work even if you DO speak Japanese unless you can provide a reason that a Japanese person can't do that job.

And, for the record, working in a service industry (like a hotel) would require a higher level of Japanese than other environments, as polite language forms and keigo are required -- and they're not first year subjects.


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RE: working and living in Japan

Post by Harisenbon » Tue 04.11.2006 9:57 pm

I wholeheartedly agree with Tony.
Think about it this way:

Why would a company hire you over a country full of Native Japanese speakers?

When you can give a good answer to that, then you should start looking for a job. Working in a hotel will require almost fluent level Japanese. If you are in a hotel that caters to foreigners, fluent Japanese and near fluent English.

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RE: thanks

Post by JM_Skyline » Wed 04.12.2006 6:11 am

cheers for the fast answer..

Kinda figured it out anyway...Pipe dream and all that.... Will study for a while (read as years), I enjoy studying japanese anyway...


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RE: working and living in Japan

Post by Devros » Wed 04.12.2006 9:06 am

But with the aging population problem in Japan they won't have any other choice but to accept a lot more immigrant workers because there will soon be a huge shortage in manpower.
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