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Postby Mariya » Wed 04.12.2006 5:11 pm

Just recently got hooked onto this, and man am I addicted! :D

Anyone else here who is a fan of this great show? So far I can't really pcik a favorite character, I mean there are so many of them and they are all great. I think Tezuka rocks though. ;)

Although I'm only on roughly episode 40, so much has happened and its all great. The best teams by far are Seigaku and Fudomine yay!

In contrast to most people's thoughts, an Anime about tennis is actually a great idea. I mean, it actually gives a chance to get away from unrealistic sports and major exaggeration you know? The character development is just great.

So anyone here to share opinions? :)
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RE: テニスの王子様

Postby hungryhotei » Wed 04.12.2006 5:53 pm

(Tezuka's catchphrase)
Prince of tennis is so good and yet so bad at the same time. I love it.

The whole series is basically the chracters saying thier catchphrases and showing off their personal special moves. Plus strangely unrealistic tennis. I'm not sure why the fan subbers didn't translate madamadadane though. If anyone is wondering it means 'you still have lots more to work on' :)

Fuji is definately my favourite character, no doubt about that.
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