The best electronic dictionary for ~$300

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The best electronic dictionary for ~$300

Post by ekvetch » Tue 04.05.2005 1:08 am

I am currently finishing up my second year of japanese class, and am quite familiar with the language. I am going to Japan on an exchange program this summer and would like to have an electronic dictionary/translator when I go. So what would you guys recommend for a person of my skill level?
I've been looking at the wordtank G55, but would like some more input before I buy one.

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RE: The best electronic dictionary for ~$300

Post by Kei » Tue 04.05.2005 10:14 am

I hope someone that has experience with these devices will reply since I'm interested in buying one. I've been using my pocketpc for dictionary and hiragana learning but so far the software I have used is limited and complicated to install.
はじめまして ^_^;

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