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searching for previous post

Post by ViciousXUSMC » Tue 04.18.2006 3:48 am

So I was in a big topic and asked a pretty valid question relating to what we were talking about and lost track of what thread it was and want to go back and read what answers I was given...

The forum seems to have limited functionality, so the search function I found only searches for text in the thread and other various criteria but I cant not for the life of me find a "search for post by user" fuction or view them from my profile.

Is there a way to do this?

If an admin catches word of this post, I would only have 9 post now so it should be easy to track down, I was asking about reading manga and sutch reguarding if I should be reading them just becuase I can pronounce the kana or should I go learn the vocabulary first. Somthing along those lines.

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