sentence constructions

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sentence constructions

Post by colorpen » Tue 04.18.2006 10:28 pm

Hi the textbook I have lists the words like left, right, front, back and such, but no sentences with em..
could you construct some sentences with these so that I know their placement in sentences. I tried the Kanji study section.. no examples also.. thanx lots.

右/ 左/ 前/ 後ろ/ 中/ 上/ 下/ そば/ 隣/ 間

and is ください or 下さい more commonly used? I was qt surprised to see the kanji in one of my handbooks..

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RE: sentence constructions

Post by SuzuQ » Tue 04.18.2006 11:10 pm

ok, here are some examples :)

まっすぐ行って、右に曲がる (Go straight and then turn right)
左のドアをノックする (Knock the door on the left)
ビルの前に犬がいる (There is a dog in front of a building)
「私のメガネはどこ?」「あなたの後ろだよ」("where are my glassese?" "behind you!")
箱の中にネコがいる (There is a cat in a box)
「テーブルの上の塩を取って」 ("Pass me the salt on the table")
ベッドの下に本を隠す (Hide a book under a bed)
学校のそばのレストラン ( a restaurant near my school)
隣に座っても良いですか? (Can I sit next to you?)
東京と横浜の間 (between Tokyo and Yokohama)

As for ください and 下さい, I think business letters tend to use 下さい more often. However, it doesn't mean ください is impolite or casual. Maybe most of Japanese people don't mind if you write ください or 下さい.

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RE: sentence constructions

Post by TrilinguisT » Wed 04.19.2006 2:59 pm

hmmm... ... did you forget yoko too?

correct me if im wrong, but i recall "no yoko ni" --

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